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Boosted INTL Custom Rugs


Transform your car, logo, design or pic into your own custom rug personalised to you! 

Perfect for your garage, home office, bedroom or even to hangup to immortalise your custom design in the form of a 3×3 ft handwoven masterpiece.

☑️ Handmade to order with high GSM Yarn and non-slip felt backing.

☑️ Custom designs/logos available  – Simply select your design and attatch your logo to the website order form.

☑️ Free digitisation included with order.

Submit your pic/logo: Attach your image to the order form or DM us with your order number

Digitisation: Our team of artists will digitise your image and convert it into a tuftable format

Confirmation: Our team will contact you via email/chat with our pre-tuft drawings to confirm final design

Tufting: Tufting process begins! Our team will begin production.

Complete: Your personalised Rug is now complete and will be shipped to you! How exciting! Tracking notifications will be emailed on dispatch.


What is the lead time on orders?

Lead time on orders range from 1-2 weeks for stocked items, 3-4 weeks for custom logo orders (depending on the complexity)

What file types are accepted for custom orders? 

Files types accepted include: jpeg, png, svg, ai, DXF and DWG.

I have a really detailed logo/picture, will this work?

Depends! As these are hand tufted, there are limitations how detailed logos will show and will often be simplified in the digitisation stage – Simpler the better!

If you have any questions on wether you think your logo will work or not, click the live chat below and we’ll help you out ?



Classic Boosted INTL, Custom Design (Rear Profile of Car), Custom Design (Front Profile of Car), Custom Design (Custom Logo), Custom Design (Other)


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