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Dash Cluster Mount – GT86/BRZ/FRS


Easily mount your new digital display in a matter of minutes with these dash mounts designed to bolt straight in. The mounts are finished to match plastic trims so your new display looks like it was meant to be there from factory.

This mount suits all trims and models of the GT86/BRZ/FRS, make your required digital dash selection from the listed dropdown:

Additional Customisation
Gauge Holes


✅ Commonly ordered variants in-stock for same day shipping/Pickup (Haltech IC-7 & Powertune).

Matte Black, 2K Scratch Resistant Finish

✅ Hundreds of options/customisations to choose from. If yours isn’t listed, message us and we can do it!


Recessed vs Flat:

Recessed – Digital dash sits in a sunken pocket so that it sits flush with the mount. Perfect for the OEM+ look

Flat – Digital dash sits on top of the mount, border is visible. Perfect for the budget oriented builds!


Lead Times & Larger Screens:

Lead times for non-stocked mounts can be up to 4 weeks depending on demand (subject to change).

Please note: Screens with large profiles and larger than 7-Inch may require some modification to fit. (i.e MoTeC C1212, UC-10, ED-10)


Haltech IC-7, Haltech/Racepak IQ3, MoTec C125/C185, MoTec C127/C187, AIM Link MXS, AIM Link MXP, AIM Link MXG, AEM ED7/CD7, AEM ED5/CD5, Powertune 7" Dash, ECUMaster ADU5, ECUMaster ADU7


Recessed, Flat


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