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Haltech uC-10 Dash and Nissan Silvia S15 Mount Kit – June Release

Original price was: $3,200.00.Current price is: $2,950.00.

Purchase your Haltech UC-10 Screen with us and recieve a FREE Dash Mount.
Limited to the first 25 customers.


The Haltech IC-7’s Bigger brother is here! The New Haltech UC-10 features a 10-inch display which offers ample space to monitor critical vehicle data in real-time and fills out most instrument clusters perfectly. Combine your new screen with a Boosted International Dash Mount to save!



1x Nissan Skyline S15 uC-10 Mount

1x Haltech uC-10 Dash


Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I buy it/When will they ship?

Haltech are aiming for a June 2024 release.  We will have stock of UC-10 Mounts ready to go, so they will ship as soon as Haltech pull the trigger on launch. This is subject to change based on Haltech’s launch.

I have already purchased a UC-10 Mount from you, can I still get the bundle price?

Yes! send us a message with your order number and we will invoice the difference at the bundle price

How much will it cost?

Screen: $2950 AUD

Screen + Mount: $3200 AUD

I have an iC-7, but now I want to upgrade to a uC-10, is that possible?

Not only is that possible, it is easy! The uC-10 has the same mounting points as the iC-7. So, the HT-060070 iC-7 Standard Dash Mount is compatible with the uC-10. The Superseal connector is the same as the iC-7, however, some re-pinning may be required, depending on your setup.

Can I customize the screen layouts?

Through the new dash section in our NSP software, you’re able to change channels and choose your colour settings on our default screens.

I see it comes with a Wi-Fi antenna in the box, does that mean it is Wi-Fi compatible?

Not yet. The uC-10 does have a Wi-Fi module in it which will become available in a future firmware update, so don’t lose your Wi-Fi antenna!


Haltech IC-7, Haltech/Racepak IQ3, MoTec C125/C185, MoTec C127/C187, AIM Link MXS, AIM Link MXP, AIM Link MXG, AEM ED7/CD7, AEM ED5/CD5, Powertune 7" Dash, ECUMaster ADU5, ECUMaster ADU7


Recessed, Flat


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