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Honda EK Civic EK Cupholder 96-00


Lets face it, the Honda EK is basically the pinnacle of automotive history and the standard rite of passage for anyone with a racecar spec weekender looking for a daily. So you’ve just purchased a honda ek however to your dismay,  everytime you hit Vtec you end up with a lapfull of your favourite beverage due to the lack of cupholders (unless your lucky and have the optional trim!).


✅ Slots directly into the front pocket
✅ Matte Black finish
✅ Heat and stress resistant
✅ Easy installation (no drilling, adhesive, etc.)
✅ Quick worldwide shipping


Post processed/Painted Upgrade

Parts are sanded, primed and painted matte black (Additional lead time applies)

Raw finish
Post processed & Painted

Custom logos embossing and styles are available, contact the page to learn more

Please note: parts are FDM printed and hence small layer lines are visible from a raw finish. We print in ABS, so the plastic is very easy to work for sanding and painting if you are after a smooth finish. Parts are made to order and typically have ~1 week lead time to dispatch.


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