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R33 SKYLINE & 180SX SILVIA – LED Front Indicator


Ditch the dated halogen globes in your R33 / 180SX and replace them with these super bright LED Front Indicators! The perfect OEM+ mod to update your cars front end and give it that unique look. Available in a combo with the plastic surrounds here:




✅ Plug ‘n Play – Remove OEM unit and bulb, plug in our LED unit and fit to front bumper. You are ready to go!

✅ Bright LED Array

✅ High-quality OEM style lens

✅ Complete brand new units ready to go – No modifications required or need to trade-in/BYO OEM units

✅ Fast and easy installation

✅ 1 Year warranty

Dual Function Switchback Upgrade:

Upgrade to the dual function switchback module to gain the ability to transition from white parking lights to amber turn signals and back seamlessly. This upgrade includes our pre-installed switchback LED driver which triggers the colour switch when the indicators are turned on. Comes with pre-terminated a plug in harness for the indicator, and a single wire which is to be connected into the positive of the parker harness.

Install Guide: 

1. Remove the OEM front indicator unit from the car. The unit is held in by a clips from the back.
2. Remove the indicator bulb from the OEM harness.
3. Swap the OEM front indicator unit with the LED front indicator unit.
4. Plug the LED front indicator unit into the OEM harness and reinstall onto the car.


Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

Nissan 180SX

Nissan 240SX

Nissan S13 180SX

Nissan S13 240SX


Custom designs and styles are available, contact our page for more info and to learn more about our other parts designed to improve your beloved ride:

Switch Back Upgrade

No (Indicator Only), Yes (Parker/Indicator Switchback LED)


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