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S13/180SX/240SX Centre Console Hinge Replacement Kit


Problem: If you own a S13, chances are you have come across the infuriating centre console hinge and come ever so slightly closer to losing your sanity every-time you lift the lid and it comes flying off

Solution: Claim back your sanity with this centre console hinge replacement kit which requires absolutely zero cutting or drilling and restores your hinge back to its working condition.


  • Overengineered hinge thickness with extremely high elastic limit, meaning this will be the LAST time, you ever need to replace this hinge
  • Custom locator pins, which allow easy alignment and prevents migration on the X-Y axis
  • Made from a high strength thermoelastic plastic
  • Matte Black finish
  • Heat and stress resistant
  • Easy installation 5 min job: remove stock screws on lid and mounting point and slide in bracket
  • Quick worldwide shipping

Custom designs and styles are available, contact the page for more info and to learn more about the other s-chassis parts designed to make your life easier:

Weight 0.6 kg


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