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S13/180SX Custom Fuse Box Cover


These Custom fusebox covers provide the perfect finishing touch to dress up you engine bay and make it stand out!
Simply slip the brushed Stainless-Steel cover over the original fuse-box to install and is also easily removable in case you need to access to the fuses.



(2 Week Lead-Time)

✅ Easily removable, slips over the original fusebox lid with no need for adhesive or cutting

✅ Custom designs/logos available (+$50 AUD) – Simply attatch your logo to the order below

✅ Quick worldwide shipping

✅ Powdercoating available, send us a PM for a quote depending on colour and finish


What is the lead time on orders?

Lead time on orders range from 1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks for custom logo orders.

Do these require the stock plastic lid?

Yes, the cover slips over the top of the stock plastic lid which is required for install.

What file types are accepted for custom orders? 

Files types accepted include: jpeg, png, svg, ai, DXF and DWG.

I have a really detailed logo picture, will this work?

Depends! As these are laser cut, there are limitations how detailed logos can be and will need to be simplified for manufacturing – Simpler the better!

If you have any questions on wether you think your logo will work or not, click the live chat below and we’ll help you out ?


Silvia Logo, 180SX Logo, Nissan Logo, Nismo Logo, Custom Design (PM us with your file)


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