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S13 Demister Vent – PRE-ORDER

Original price was: $325.00.Current price is: $295.00.

We are opening up pre-release for our ABS PLASTIC MOLDED S13 Silvia demister vents this week! We have been quietly plugging away at perfecting the design and adding the final touches and we are a couple weeks away from having our first batch ready!

Availability: 3 in stock

If you own an S13 you know the pain of  trying to remove the demister vents and having them explode into a million pieces. After 20+ years of temperature cycles the OEM part becomes weak and brittle making it near impossible to remove without breaking. Long discontinued, intact OEM sets (if you can find them) go for $500+ and suffer the exact same problems once re-installed as they are just as brittle.

Introducing the new and improved Boosted INTL. S13 Demister Vent. They will be made from a high strength & UV resistant ABS plastic and will have some flex so they dont disintegrate into a million pieces if you look at them. These will be plastic molded, not 3D printed so the surface finish will be near identical to OEM.


 ✅ Plastic molded, NOT 3D printed

 ✅ Strengthened design – Can be removed and re-installed without snapping

 ✅ UV Resistant, Heat/Stress Resistant

 ✅ 1 Year warranty


Please note:

This is a PRE-ORDER. Lead time to dispatch is at least 3-4 weeks. Pre-orders will be a limited batch. Only available in black, RHD with the climate control sensor.

Custom designs and styles are available, contact our page for more info and to learn more about our other parts designed to improve your beloved ride:


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