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S14 Radio Surround Gauge Pod/Holder (Nissan Silvia 200SX/240SX)


A common issue in S14s is the cracked lower surrounds and a lack of gauge mounting options, so thought why not solve both problems in one solution?

Great option for a sleek/OEM look for gauge mounting rather than bulky a-pillar and dash pods


  • Easy installation and fitment.
  • Contours to the shape of the centre console unlike other options on market.
  • Made from high quality stress and heat resistant plastic.
  • Custom configurations to fit your requirements! – Contact us for more information


Q. Being a 3D printed part, will 3D layer lines be visible?

A. We print on industrial grade printers at an extremely fine resolution, meaning layer lines will be visible under very close inspection however are extremely small. We print in ABS, so the plastic is very easy to work for sanding and painting if you are after a perfectly smooth finish

Q. Will this mount flex/warp over time due to the heat and cold in the car?

A. No. Our products are all designed and tested to work through numerous heat/cold cycles without warping or cracking.



  • Nissan S14 Silvia Kouki/Zenki 1995-1998
Number of Gauges

1, 2, 3

Size of Gauges

52mm, 60mm


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