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S14 200sx Cupholder/Divider Insert


Most S14s come with a 2mm slot on either side in the centre console for an OEM divider to slide in. If by some fluke you manage find a s14 where this divider hasn’t already vanished or snapped, you will soon find that the divider sits slightly too low to fit larger drinks and often pops out.

This S14 cupholder/Divider  means you can enjoy your drinks and slap second without fear of a lapful of energy drink.

Post processed/Painted Upgrade

Parts are sanded, primed and painted matte black (Additional lead time applies)

Raw finish
Post processed & Painted


  • Matte Black finish
  • Heat and stress resistant
  • Easy installation (no drilling*, adhesive, etc.)
  • Quick worldwide shipping
  • Silvia Logo (Can do custom logos – DM for more info)


Q. Will this fit all models and trims of S14s? 

A. Short Answer, no. It appears from testing that some late model S14 Kouki’s don’t have the small groove for the OEM divider to slot in. This design relies on the same groove in order for it to be secured in place. If you don’t have this, you are still able to cut 2 small 1mm slots on either side if you are determined!

Q. Will this mount flex/warp over time due to the heat and cold in the car?

A. No. Our products are all designed and tested to work through numerous heat/cold cycles without warping or cracking.

Q. Can you make something similar to this for ____ car?

A. Yes! if the demand is there we are definately happy to take custom requests, send us a PM!


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