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S15 SILVIA – LED Third Brake Light

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Stylise your Nissan Silvia S15 (200SX S15) with this extremely simple to install LED unit and transform the dated bulb third brake light to a super bright 24 LED array – giving the rear end a nice refresh!

Simply remove the OEM unit and bulb, clip in the LED unit inside the OEM unit and then plug the supplied T10 connector in. Reinstall on the car and you’re all good to go!

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 ✅ Plug ‘n Play – Remove OEM unit and bulb, fit LED unit inside OEM unit and plug the supplied T10 male connector in

 ✅ Bright 3 × 8 LED Array

 ✅ Fast and easy installation

 ✅ 1 Year warranty


Install Guide: 

1. Remove the OEM third brake light unit from the car parcel shelf. The unit is held in by 2 nuts.
2. Disassemble the OEM unit (main housing, inner housing, lens) by releasing the plastic tabs.
3. Insert the Boosted INTL LED unit inside the inner housing and reassemble the OEM unit.
4. Remove the bulb from the OEM harness then plug the LED unit into the harness.
5. Reinstall the OEM third brake light unit. You are all ready to go!


Please note:

This product requires you to have the factory OEM third brake light/parcel shelf brake light unit. We do not supply the OEM unit – only the LED unit.



Nissan Silvia S15
Nissan 200SX S15


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