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S15 Vent Gauge Holder 60/52mm (Allows airflow) – Nissan Silvia


Installing gauges in a s15 shouldn’t mean you need sacrifice your aircon! Our s15 vent gauge holders are designed to allow for maximum airflow with either 52mm or 60mm gauges installed.

Typically you would need to dremel out your stock vents pod for installation, however this drop in adapter also means you are able to complete the install in a non-destructive manner and revert back to stock if desired.

Post processed and Painted

(+2weeks lead time)

Raw finish

(3D Print lines visible)

Post processed & Painted

(+2 weeks to lead time)

Order total:


  • Non-destructive install means that you can easily return back to OEM if required
  • Matte Black finish – Heat and stress resistant
  • Easy installation (no drilling or cutting required)
  • Quick worldwide shipping


Q. Will this mount flex/warp over time due to the heat and cold in the vents?

A. No. Our gaugeholders are designed and tested to work through numerous heat/cold cycles without warping or cracking.

Q. Are you able to fit gauges larger than 60mm? 

A. Unfortunately not. As the opening of the S15 vent hole is around 71mm, 60mm gauges are the largest that is able to be installed whilst still letting some air pass.

Q. I am unsure which size to go with, what can you recommend?

A. Generally when choosing between 52mm and 60mm I always tell my customers they need to either trade off aesthetics with function (airflow). Whilst the 52mm gauges will flow more air they do naturally have a larger gap. The 60mm gauges have a smaller gap (would be my personal choice) however flow less air around them due to this. It is up to personal choice however which is why I have made both options available.


Custom designs and styles are available, contact the page for more info and to learn more about the other s-chassis parts designed to make your life easier:

Weight 0.010 kg
Gauge Size

60mm, 52mm


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