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s15/s14 Centre Console Hinge Replacement Kit


If you own a Nissan S15 or S14 (200SX, 240SX), chances are you have come across the infuriating centre console hinge and come ever so slightly closer to losing your sanity every-time you lift the lid and it comes flying off

Claim back your sanity with this centre console hinge replacement kit which requires absolutely zero cutting or drilling and restores your hinge back to its working condition.


  • Hinge made from a high strength thermoelastic plastic.
  • Plastic locking arms included and strengthened in common areas of weakness near locking pins.
  • Matte Black finish
  • Heat and stress resistant
  • Easy installation 5 min job: remove stock screws on lid and mounting point and slide in bracket
  • Quick worldwide shippin


How exactly does this work? in the pictures it looks like a rigid bracket? 

We get asked this one all the time! The hinge is made of a highly elastic yet strong material, whilst it looks rigid in the pictures, it has the ability to be bent back and forth millions of times without snapping, which is exactly what you want for an indestructible product!

My hinge hasnt fully snapped off, will this still work?

Yes, these hinges tend to snap in a couple different places and this kit was made with that in mind. Due to the highly elastic material on the hinge it is able to bend and conform around whatever is left of your hinge!

What is the installation process?

Here is a video one of our awesome customers put together for us explaining the installation – Link 

Weight 0.6 kg


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